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Auto Coverage

One of the biggest exposures you have as a contractor is having an accident in your vehicle. At HBIS we often find many contractors drive their vehicle for business but, the vehicle title is in their personal name. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how risky this practice is and how it exposes ALL of your personal assets to loss! 

If you have your work vehicle titled in your personal name and therefore insured under a personal auto insurance policy, your insurance may not pay claims for damages or injuries when you are going to and from a job site or Home Depot, as an example..

At Home Builders’ Insurance Services, we take great responsibility in guiding you to make the very best insurance decisions for your particular needs.  The choice is yours, but we strongly recommend that you carry Commercial Auto Insurance on all of your work vehicles. The risk of not having the right type of coverage jeopardizes everything you have worked so hard for.

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